Flats and Prefolds 101: AMA with the Cloth Nappy Doctor

Our AMA in Feb 18 was a Summer Party, I hope this may warm you up in chilly August!

We chatted about the following … feel free to find the spot in the video that mostly relates to your needs.

0.49 Hello Summer Party

2.34 Intro to prefolds and flats

3.00 Introduction of the Grovia Snow Print range

8.44 Demo fo the Grovia ONE night nappy

12.30 Demo of the Grovia AI2 nappy system

14.42 Grovia inserts

17.21 Lets chat prefolds and flats

18.11 Flats

18.55 Flats pad fold

20.10 All about Snappies

20.58 Folds for poonamis – Kit fold and triangle fold for a double gusset.

22.14 Covers for flats – Check out the Bummis Pull on cover.

23.20 Use flats in pocket nappy covers

24.08 How to wash flat nappies

25.24 Prefolds

26.30 Sizes of prefolds, demonstrating Bummis

27.35 Pad fold for newborns and one size

28.05 Bummis Simply Lite one size cover

29.40 Newborn prefolds become boosters

30.15 Infant size prefolds

31.14 When to change to the next size up prefold when using the padfold, is when bub is outwetting the current size.

32.28 Newborn prefold and infant prefold become boosters for the baby prefolds.

33.31 When to change prefold sizes when using snappies and pins.

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33.46 Top 4 folds for prefolds : pad, jelly roll, angel fold and Bikini twist

41.40 Prefolds and pocket covers.


What do you love about prefolds and flats? Are they a part of your stash?

cloth nappy doctor chat soon

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