The Fit of Rumparooz Lil Joey Newborn Cloth Nappy

Lots of parents wonder how long a newborn cloth nappy will last on their little one. Its a valid concern given the investment for newborn cloth nappies. A very popular newborn cloth nappy is the Lil Joey by Rumparooz. It is a true All In One cloth nappy with a microfibre core and a microchamois stay dry layer. It also has a snap down feature for the the umbilical cord. You can check out all the features of the Lil Joey in our previous blog post.

Here I would love to show you the fit of the Lil Joey on a range of babies from 3 to 6kg.

On an average newborn baby at 3.4 kg. Lil Joey are designed to fit from premmie as well, from 2.3kg.








This little girl is 4.2 kg and the image shows the snap down feature for the umbilical cord.








This little squeeze is 6.4kg, with Lil Joey lasting to approximately 3 months. As your baby grows you will notice that the newborn nappy will no longer sit in line with their belly button. Like a one size cloth nappy, as bub grows the nappy rise will move further their waist area. At this stage you will need to ensure you have enough absorbency for your baby.

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Feel like sharing an image of your newborn in a Rumparooz Lil Joey below? I would love to see.

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