Do you ever wonder if there are still good people left in the world?

Our community in the Cloth Nappy Doctor Chats Group is about love, sharing and empowering other parents. Samantha found this out when a stranger shared her winnings from Apikali, plus more.

“Do you ever wonder if there are still good people left in the world?

Let me share with you, something that will reassure you that there absolutely are good, wonderful people bringing joy and love into the lives of others.

A stranger was the lucky winner of the Funky Fluff unicorn newborn nappy. She had seen from the live chat last month how eager I was to try the nappy, and after she won she reached out to me saying that her daughter would be almost too big for the nappy and she’d like to pass it on to me, for the daughter I’m expecting next month.

I was so touched.

We have chatted a little since then, and today the nappy – wrapped in a beautiful pink bow, in immaculate condition, arrived on my doorstep.

But not only that; she included a beautiful, personal, heartfelt card and an absolutely massive package of beautiful clothes for my new little girl! I was speechless.

I have never met this wonderful woman.
She just knew we had been having a tough time in this pregnancy, and went out of her way, with no reward at all on her part, to do something beautiful.

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Jo, thank you.
I really don’t have words to properly articulate just how much your kindness and generosity means to me.

And of course, when the time comes for my daughter to move out of this gorgeous nappy, I will share your kindness and pass it on to another Mum who needs a bit more Sparkle in their life 💕”

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