Easier to start at home … environmental small changes

Its easier to start at home to do your part for the environment.

Why home?

You have complete control over what you can achieve. There is little to no resistance to any changes that you can implement within the home. Apart from children or a husband who need to adjust to a new routine. We can also advocate for any small changes and see tangible results more quickly.

Our first major change in our home was using cloth nappies instead of disposables. Making the transition from cloth nappies to disposable was simple for us. We have taken this one step further with replacing other disposable items with reusable ones, such as our dish cloth, plastic storage bags or shopping bags. These small changes are easy and we see a nice increase in our weekly budget from not purchasing disposable items.

We take this ethos one step further in our home-based business, and work on our principles of reuse, recycle, repair and repurpose. We recently shared how we reuse and repurpose the packaging that comes into the Apikali Warehouse. We reuse all cardboard boxes and packaging from our supplier orders, to then on-send to our customers. We also shred paper to provide a soft place for more delicate items to rest as they make their way from us to you.

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Our bigger achievements has been the implementation of solar panels and replacing plastic storage containers with cardboard options that can be recycled. We are focusing on reducing our plastic consumption.

It is easier to make these changes at home, but we are also working with our suppliers ask for no plastic bags or packaging. Even no packaging, if it can be achieved. In most cases, our suppliers choose a cardboard option to package and display their goods. These can be recycled.

I would love you to share how you have encouraged a business to make a small environmental change. How did you go about it?

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