Drying your cloth nappies: How do you do it?

Drying your cloth nappies can sometimes a challenge, it can also be a lot of fun or even provide a moment of peace for you contemplate those life questions! But no matter what you are thinking about when drying your cloth nappies, our members in the Cloth Nappy Doctor Chats Group shared how they ensure their cloth nappies are dry ready for another round on your baby’s bottom.

Josephine and Corissa hangs their cloth nappy covers and wetbags over a plastic bucket when she runs out of space on the line. These items take little time to dry and are usually ready again within a few hours to use.


Another option is to hang your freshly washed cloth nappy stash on a clothes airer.  Josephine has a big long rack you can usually pick up from your local hardware store.


Finally, be old fashioned and dry your cloth nappies on the line in the sunshine. Sarah hangs her around her beautiful pool!


How do you dry your cloth nappies?

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