Why We Downsized Apikali in the Cloth Nappy Market

Earlier this year I downsized the expanse of Apikali in the cloth nappy market. Why? It was time.

It had grown to one of the biggest retail stores in the cloth nappy market in Australia and there was no where for us to go. Our team were assisting our customer base very well, we had sourced many brands and the business operating procedures were well greased.

It was time for a change. We had over 120 brands, we were dealing with so many suppliers and keeping stock on shelf was becoming difficult when we were outselling the suppliers. What a fabulous place to be in as a business. Your support and contribution allowed us to reach this stage. But businesses have to evolve.

I had to simplify the business for 2 reasons.

  1. The business was starting to get too big to allow us to service your needs. To connect with our community. Its this connection that has gotten us to this point. We were always adamant we would not loose this, and become a faceless company from the day we began Apikali.
  2. Our Abbey needs more of my personal care and attention.

My two worlds were starting to collide. I cannot change my carer role for Abbey, but I can change Apikali.

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We took the radical step to downsize the number of brands we carry. We said goodbye to some of Australias favourites. We said goodbye to working with some of the most inspiring women I have ever met. But it was time.

If you want to know how I did it, check out this blog post that I wrote for Dynamic Business Woman.

Where are we now?

We are still turning over the same volume as we have established trust with our community. They supported us in this downsizing and were open to following us on this journey. We kept the cloth nappy brands Bummis, Funky Fluff, AppleCheeks, Baby Beehinds and Imagine. We kept the Planetwise group of brands. We kept these brands as they offer something new and unique to the Australian cloth nappy market.

We are still concentrating on our own brands, Swipes Washable Wipes and Simply Cloth. We are also passionate about building the special needs/disability range.

I now have more time to chat with our community on Facebook Live and in our Cloth Nappy Chats Facebook Group. My business and my carer role are no longer in conflict. Im finally in a dream state!

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