Donate cloth nappies or repurpose them when you no longer need them.

donate cloth nappies
In your stash of cloth nappies, do you have some that are no longer used, don’t quite fit or are just ready for the next stage of their life? Is it time to donate cloth nappies? ¬†Here is a list of things you can do with your no longer used cloth nappies, depending upon their quality.

Cloth nappies that are preloved
– Sell them, there is an underground movement where cloth nappies may actually have some after-use value. Have a look at Facebook groups, Ebay or Gumtree. Have a look here for what is required as a seller of cloth nappies according to Apikali. Please be realistic about their quality, dont sell nappies that are threadbare, mouldy or poor quality.
– Give them away to someone in need, a friend or a family member. Maybe yours can get them started, before they can buy their own stash. Then they could use them for other purposes as detailed below.
– Donate cloth nappies to a credible charity or group. At Apikali we collect good quality cloth nappies for the Baby Give Back Charity.
– More information here. Brooke from Ecoparents has a great article on some other charities you could consider.
Re-purpose cloth nappies
– cleaning rags (prefolds and flats)
– wipes
– art supplies ( I use my bamboo inserts for water colour painting)
– sew together all the PUL covers to make a change mat or waterproof chair mat.
Cloth nappies that are too long gone
– natural material components of nappies can be composted.
– use as a shed rag, if its not good enough as a cleaning rag inside.
Do you have any other potential uses for your cloth nappies?
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