Do cloth nappies delay walking?

Some parents are concerned that cloth nappies impede development, especially walking. No evidence has been found that it does. There are some rumours that disposables can affect hip growth/placement as there is no bulk in them. So what to believe? What to worry about really?


Both are a choice for parents. Unless you have concerns about your childs’ development, do what works you for you and bub.

We asked our Cloth Nappy Community for their take on this concern after using cloth nappies with their little babies.

Kristina says “My SIL wishes that cloth nappies slowed down mobility – my nephews were super early movers, both crawling early & both walking by 9 months!”

Jo says, “My mum insists that cloth nappies stopped my son from learning to walk as he was slower to move and walked at 15 months. Load of crap. But I wore cloth nappies, so explain the logic mum?!”

Alicia says, “no concerns here, I knew that bulking up with cloth nappies can be recommended if there are hip issues sometimes so it reassured me more then anything else.”

Jessy says, ” It’s fact that jolly jumpers and those activity walkers that babies are put in interfere with normal development ( because they shouldn’t be forced into positions they cannot get into themselves I.e upright walking position when they cannot walk) and can have a very bad effect later on….but cloth nappies, um how crazy to even say that they might be an issue! Definitely no issues here.

Monica says, “I thought bubs wouldn’t turn over as quickly with a cloth nappy because of the bulk around the bum. Regardless, I continued using it, sure enough she turned over at 14 weeks or so. No different to other babies her age.”

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Kate says, “I never had any concerns. My now 3 year old was always ahead with her milestones and a very early walker. I plan on using cloth with my next one due very soon. Every child develops differently and in their own time – nothing to do with cloth or disposables.”

Ally says, “ell that to my crawling 6 month old 🙄 he’s 8 months now and standing. Wears massive cloth at night and still manages to roll all around the bed. They do stuff when they’re ready!”

Corinna says, “Radiologists were really impressed with our cloth nappies & said they are great for hip development & avoiding hip dysplasia.Also pretty sure most of us mums were in cloth & no one was worried about when we started crawling or walking. Sometimes we worry too much.”

What are your thoughts on this topic? Did you have concerns in the beginning?

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