Bummis Dimple Diaper – Sally’s Review

After reading other reviews I had to try the Bummis Dimple Diaper. We are pretty much down to only using cloth at night now and I had entered the stage where Aggie had outgrown all but one of the nappies I had been using successfully at night. Now even with this one we were getting leaks. Enter the Bummis Dimple Diaper Review.

What is awesome about it:
  • The fit. This nappy is one of the best fitting I have used – even Dad commented on how much easier it is to fit. I was a little dubious when I pulled it out of the packet that it would be big enough but it is a great fit without being too tight – I think this is because of the rise being around the hips at the front but high enough at the back (hard to describe)
  • Dries pretty quick for a fitted – cotton dries faster than bamboo
  • Super easy to put on and adjust (Did I mention that even Dad liked it enough to comment?)
What is slightly less awesome :
  • The fit, whilst it is really trim and snug, even for an almost three year old, this limits the amount of boosting I can put into it for use as a night nappy. This isn’t a problem with a wool cover and I have had no leaks but some mornings the nappy is very wet. However, she hasn’t woken up because of it so not a problem and if using during the day you would be changing regularly anyway. There is always going to be a trade off with boosting and fit in my opinion and the Dimple Diaper pretty much gets the balance right when used with a wool cover. If you have a really heavy wetter you could always put the boosting between the nappy and the cover so as not to compromise on fit (see Eco Parent review here), another awesome quality of fitted cloth nappies.
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Really happy with this nappy 🙂 If you have tried the Bummis Dimple Diaper I would love to hear about your experience with it, especially as a night nappy. Sal x

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