Why we have a cloth nappy library and all of those techincal questions answered?

Apikali began with the conception of the cloth nappy library first. Our Novice Pack was the first option available and then came the night time packs. Over the short time we have been operating, different versions of the packs and brands have come and gone, according to customer requests and parents needs.

cloth nappy library

Cloth nappy libraries are easier for parents to make their decision about using cloth nappies, and finding the brand/style that suits them, baby and budget. At Apikali for many parents who hire our library packs, approx 10% decide not to continue with cloth nappies for various reasons. The reasons include their child is very ill, they are not ready or cloth nappies are not for them. Cloth nappy libraries give you the ability to ‘give it a go’.

There are so many reasons to use cloth nappies, and of course have been fully explained here at Apikali.
Cloth Nappy Libraries are growing in popularity in Australia. I see this happening for two reasons: 1) The popularity of cloth nappies is increasing, but with the variety of brands/styles available its just too confusing, so retailers are offering this as a service to parents and 2) Parents are asking for an easier way to trial cloth nappies to save time and money.
Cloth nappy libraries are a way of life in the UK and the US. Check out the links to see how many there!
Unfortunately there is some misinformation that is circulating around about cloth nappy libraries, in general. I will clarify these comments for Apikali and other fantastic businesses who are working to help parents make the decision to use cloth nappies, the easiest way possible.
1) A cloth nappy library is not viable for a business. For Apikali our cloth nappy library is the center piece of our community. Its a service we provide to our customers. I would rather invest in our cloth nappy library and the service we provide, than thousands of dollars in advertising materials.
2) Cloth nappy libraries are not washed to Australian Laundry Standards. Are you ready? No they are not, and majority of cloth nappy libraries I could find in Australia, UK or the US are not. This is because the cost is prohibitive, plus most commercial laundries do not have the facilities to properly wash the nappies, so they are not destroyed in the process.
This last situation is a catch-22. If at Apikali we sent our nappy libraries to be professionally laundered, it would cost at least $50 a kit, plus majority of our nappies would be destroyed, therefore further increasing our costs.
If we do not have them professionally laundered, then we do not meet Australian Laundry Standards, AS4146. This standard is very important for the health and care industry. We want to know that the sheets we are lying in at hospital are cleaned to a hygienic standard.
At Apikali our cloth nappy library is a service and we know our customers appreciate the difference between a home cleaning routine and a professional launder. This is how we provide such a service for our community:
1) We provide clear washing instructions for parents to care and wash the nappies before return.
2) On receipt of your library pack you can wash the nappies in your own detergent and anti-bacterial rinse for your own peace of mind.
3) We provide enough liners for parents to use the nappies if they wish, providing a protective layer between nappy and baby.
4) You don’t need to use the nappies, you can just try them on and send them back.
5) On return to our Apikali Warehouse we wash them in a hot wash with washing powder and a anti-bacterial/anit-fungal. They are further washed again in Grovia Mighty Bubbles for the fluffy factor, hot wash and rinse. Then they are dried in the sun for 2 days.
6) Before a pack is sent out, we inspect each cloth nappy for wear and tear, staining and smells.
At Apikali we believe the cloth nappy library is an important service for our community, to introduce new parents to the world of cloth nappies and to make this process a financially viable one. We pride ourselves on the service we provide our customers through our Cloth Nappy Library.
If you don’t like the thought of using cloth nappies through such a service, then we provide other options for you. You can purchase a trial pack of your favourite brands, you can email us for suggestions on brands/styles or you can hire a library pack and just investigate the styles without using the nappies on your baby.
We have you covered at Apikali.
Your cloth doc

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