Cloth Nappy Doctor Ask Me Anything December 2016

The Cloth Nappy Doctor chats in this months Ask Me Anything
0.45 Rumparooz brand
0.50 Rumparooz pocket cloth nappy
3.30 Bamboo and hemp inserts
5.24 Lil Joey newborn nappy
6.58 Rumparooz covers
7.45 Using covers and inserts to save money
8.33 Rumparooz wetbag
9.02 Difference between hemp and bamboo inserts
10.03 back to the wetbag
11.15 Composting Rumparooz products
11.29 Pail Liners
12.07 Lil Learners training pants

14.16 Has my bub outgrown their OS nappy?
17.30 Travelling with cloth nappies
23.30 General washing cloth nappies advice
28.11 Cloth nappy safe nappy creams and balms
31.54 Washable Wipes

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