Cloth Nappies…No Way!!

So with the New Year approaching, your pregnant or planning on a pregnancy, and you have seen cloth nappies or MCNs or terry towellings. Your thinking one of three things:

1) Yeah, absolutely they are for me and my baby.

2) Oh I dont know, I really dont know. It looks go, but, I just dont know.

3) Absolutely not. I will not touch poo!!

Let me start with the third thought. You WILL touch poo, no matter what item you use to catch it. My husband James has used his hands. Disposables will leak and poo will spill over the edges on to clothes. You will do lots of washing, an extra 6 nappies a day is nothing with a child under 3! So lets move you up to thought number 2.

So if you just dont know, well talk to someone. Talk to someone who uses them full time, on more than one child. Check out the blogs and retailers and By Brand and colours and styles and suppliers and Ebay and Apikali. Then if at then end of this you say, Yeah I think so, but I just dont know. Well done. You are nearly there!!

This next bit is the hardest, but also the most liberating. How do you make that decision to actually do it?

If you know your style (Cloth Nappy by Style) and brand (Cloth Nappy by Brand), start grabbing some trial packs.

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If you know your brand, well just make the splash. Grab a package (Cloth Nappy Packages)to same lotsa moula.

Still dont know, hire from a Nappy Library. They will take you through the processes of choosing what is right for you. Its not that hard or overwhelming.

What is your biggest fear?

Your cloth doc


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