how to choose a cloth nappy

How to Choose a Cloth Nappy

Are you starting out in your research of cloth nappies? Are you confused on how to choose a cloth nappy? The best place to start is your NEED.

Check out our info-graphic below to simplify the process by choosing your cloth nappy based upon need. Does the cloth nappy need to be convenient, economical or versatile? Once you have that decision made, its perfectly easy to move onto materials and design.

how to choose a cloth nappy

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If you are still confused about where to start, consider a Cloth Nappy Library where you can trial different styles based upon you need.

cloth nappy doctor chat soon

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  1. A GP in Woodend, VIC gave me your info. I read in the FAQ’s about the library, but I’m pretty certain I like the Seeds brand based on versatility and the video you provided. I’m having twins in less than two weeks, so I’m going to keep reading and hopefully make a decision on what to do tonight. Thanks!

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