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Camping with Children: Our top 23 tips

Camping with children can be a absolute joy, but also a real challenge. Whether camping or going on holidays, we turned to our community for their top ? tips when camping with children. These tips could easily apply if you are going on holidays with your children. Check out this fabulous list of advice to keep kids entertained to keeping your sanity when living in close quarters with your little ones.

The top 23 tips when camping with children.

Chanelle suggests make your life easier as a parent and use a play pen when camping with children! Camping should be for everyone to enjoy and saved me from having to chase after my 9 month old! 

Rebeccas’ number one tip is write a list of what you need in the weeks leading up so your not stressed at packing and more organised saves money later when you dont have to buy things you should of packed.

Cilicia suggests using the same bedding at home – having the lambs wool in the port-a-cot made a huge difference.

Shai helps save your sanity with making sure the amount of adults matches or outnumbers the number of children.

Hannah says Think do you really need it? Tissues can do many thinks keep a packet handy.

Jasmines’ number one tip for camping with children is to make it a time for catch up and go with other families! This way the kids all entertain each other and the parents can relax (or take shifts watching the kids). Use prefolds pad folded in PUL covers for easy washing while still using cloth!

Skye says to make sure you are trained in first aid and have a first aid kit. Accidents happen and it can save a lot of stress if something happens. And make sure your kids wear shoes. Yes these 2 do go together. Ive seen emergency trips to nearest town for feet injured including campfire burns in kids.

Saras’ nifty tip keeps the kids entertained, and the adults. A pack of uno cards and a cheap magnetic drawing board (used to be called a Magna doodle I think!) You can play heaps of different games with uno cards (Uno, snap, memory…) and the drawing board also can be used in many ways and wiped clean again and again (no mess! Drawing, hangman, O&X’s…)

Miriam saves your sanity with…don’t overcomplicate things with heaps of plans when camping with children! When we visited Auckland, we had many plans for outings, but my 2yo’s favourite thing was heading to the local playground to sit on the swings 

Kim learnt from experience … An extra set of clothes for you and bub. I learned that the hard way and my first bub travelled from Townsville to Brisbane wearing a nursing cover because her clothes were soaked.

Cindy suggests letting the kids help with everything as much as possible (even if it takes 3 times longer to get it done). Mine loves this and camping because of the team effort.

Vanessa suggests keeping it simple with packing, and take lots of pit stops and snacks! And always pack a spare set or 2 of clothes and nappies in your bag.

Emily believes in being accomodating to the conditions… Our tent was too hot for day sleeps so sleep in the car in the air con.

Therese suggests some comfort for your kids while away from home. Get your children to choose (or if too young pick their favourites) 2-3 toys to pack. That way they feel included in the packing process.

Natalie suggests something to restrain the child…backpack with a leach or wrap / baby carrier.

Krystle advises books are the winner! Kids’ books – reading stories is our quiet time before sleeps. If we don’t have picture books – any old book or brochure. At my mother-in-law’s we picked a Yates Garden Guide from the 1980s randomly from her book shelf.

Krista suggests being very organised when camping with children. Write a packing list and tick it off as you pack and prepare. Don’t leave it until the last min, but remember, if things don’t go to plan, it will be okay. It’s a holiday, so go with the flow and enjoy the time with your family. 

Heera best tip to save your energies with an overtired toddler, or maybe teenage boy. My tip. Take lots of food that they enjoy. Nothing fixes a tantrum quicker then one of those packet custards.

Vanessa tip suggests bringing a friend or cousin along when camping with children! Hours of play together and creating lasting memories.

Shuey suggests keeping sleep routines a priority when travelling… I’ve only holidayed with a baby and my tip is taking her bed, we used a light portable bed at home and we took this on holiday and she didn’t keep up a fuss when sleeping as it was familiar to her. And as for nappies only flats and covers for ease of cleaning and quick drying. 

Stacey-lees’ tip …  Just relax and allow kids to be kids. Mine often runs around in her undies and they are always covered in dirt but in the end we are there to make memories not stay pristine.

Jessie suggest keeping it simple … We have a large family (14 kids, 8 still at home) and we like to keep holidays simple- lots of easy meals and no pressure to go out every day.

Emma suggests sticking to the good old ‘i spy’ for an easy entertainment while travelling. For those who dont know letters they can use colours, or if no idea what letter just randomly start guessing everything. We find it makes for a quite hilarious game and and it takes the kids mind off of how long the trip is taking.

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Can you add a tip to to the above for camping with children ?

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