Caesarian Section and Cloth Nappies

Many pregnant mums who may have a caesarian section wonder if they can start using cloth nappies from day one or wait until they have recovered? In the Cloth Nappy Doctor Community this is the sage advice other mums shared:

  • I didn’t have a c-section but I did need recovery after both my births. Personally I waited a few weeks before starting with cloth nappies because rinsing out nappies and extra washing was the last thing I wanted to be trying to do/fit in. Going from 1 to 2 kids is quite an adjustment. Also depends a bit though on whether or not you have help from family etc. and I think also your own disposition (e.g. Some people just don’t seem to get very flustered or overwhelmed no matter how crazy things get). Also I didn’t have newborn nappies, but my bub was big enough to go straight into OSFM. If have tiny babies and wanted to start cloth straight away I think you would probably need to buy some newborn size nappies (but don’t quote me on that).
  • I ended up having an unplanned c section. I did a mix of cloth and disposables in the first 2 months. I just used cloth when I felt like it and by the time bub was 2 months was pretty much using cloth the whole time. We had 10 newborn sized nappies and I was glad we had them as bub didn’t fit any of the osfm nappies that we had. I found that we had leak issues in the newborn nappies but persevered and now we very rarely if ever have leaks. We have a clothes horse that we set up inside that I was able to use to hang out washing on rather than the outdoor line. It helped with not stretching/reaching above my head.
  •  I needed a couple of weeks to get into the routine, but people bought me disposables as gifts so I just buzzed through those first to use them up before baby outgrew them.
  • I had an emergency cesarean but had a great recovery with very little discomfort after I went home on day 5. Our bub was full time in cloth from 5/6 weeks when we finished the “nappy cakes” we were given.  Bub was born when it was hot and and i couldn’t handle the smell of poo in the house at all. I found it easier to rinse and wash nappies than to walk all the way down to the bin in our complex with every poo nappy bub did.
  • With my first (emerg section) I didn’t start cloth until he was 8 weeks old. Started at 3 weeks with the second (planned section). Would have started earlier but she was born at 36+6 and 2.4kg so didnt fit the nappies! I found it a lot easier with 2nd as already had my routine so just needed to fit her into it
  • Both my girls were c-secs. Both girls I started cloth the day we got home from hospital. I did have some extra help around anyway, but an extra few loads of washing each week really wasn’t too bad.
  • My first was a c-section, but we didn’t start cloth until 6months. My second was a VBAC and we started the day we got home (so we had 2in cloth because they we 18months apart. I am due at the beginning of September with our 3rd and regardless of how it arrives we will be starting either in the hospital or as soon as we get home. At this stage I’m thinking in the hospital, (once again 18months again so we will have 2 in cloth because our almost 3 year old hasn’t worn nappies and is pretty much toilet trained)
  • I had my 3rd c section almost 4 weeks ago and we started using cloth as soon as we got home from hospital. I just set up a change area on the end of my bed to make it a bit easier. Recovery varies with every person but my tip is to get up and moving (slowly) sooner than later.
  • I didn’t start cloth until a little alter either – not due to my c-section but just the general overwhelming-ness of a newborn! There’s enough to beat yourself up about in those early weeks/months 😏 I’m proud of the 18months of consistent cloth use since! I also still use a disposable overnight because I never had the brain capacity for overnight nappies and soakers with a baby who hardly slept. I think we’re all doing a great job attempting to use cloth at all and it doesn’t need to be all or nothing
  • I had a second c section and found recovery easier the second time. If you have an indoor clothes horse or someone to help with washing you would be able to start once back from the hospital if you’re keen. I did parttime cloth and I had prefolds and 👶 covers and dedicated newborn nappies AIOs which were awesome.
  • I had a caesarean about 3 weeks ago and started using cloth nappies three days later when I got home.
    Had help with hanging the washing when I got home but if I didn’t have that help I would have used disposables for 1 -2 weeks. Would be easy to use in hospital if someone at home is happy to collect and wash or I think you could use them straight away when you get home if you are recovering well and are up to the washing
  • I didn’t have a c-section but had a pretty intense recovery period (couldn’t really get out of bed for days due to losing a lot of blood – also we were in hospital till day 10) so we started at about week 5 when I started feeling a bit more human again!! Haven’t looked back since (our son Zev is now almost 1).

Can you add anything to help another mum having a caesarian section and wanting to use cloth nappies?

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