Buying Cloth Nappies Before Birth

buying cloth nappies before brith

Have you considered purchasing cloth nappies before the birth of your baby? Here are some things to consider before you do. No one wants to waste money, especially when a baby is coming.

1) No two cloth nappies are they same. There are so many styles and designs and materials, there is no best brand or quick short cut. What suits your friends, may not suit you.
2) Every baby is different, so if you have a big baby or a little baby, they may not fit the cloth nappies you purchased, especially OSFM.
3) If you wish to cloth nappy from birth, consider purchasing newborn size nappies for the first 2-3 months or hiring a newborn kit.
4) If you are really confident with cloth nappies, then purchase a OSFM that will truly fit from birth. There are many brands that will.
5) If you are purchasing before birth, but going to use when bub is 3-4 months old, just consider your warranty may have expired if you have any issues. The nappies may not be right for baby and that money you spent, was a waste.
6) Remember even cloth nappies that cost over $30 will save you at least $1500 for the use with one baby for a full time stash.
How to make the right decision for you?
Talk to someone you trust, get your confidence up and dont buy on the cuteness factor! If you can help it.
Good luck
Your cloth doc

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