Bummis organic cotton pre-folds review

So I had just rediscovered the love of prefolds with the GroVia bamboo/organic cotton blend and I thought, I could do with some more love!

As one of the more affordable organic cotton pre-folds, Bummis offer great value for money. The six pack of pre-folds come in a lovely calico pouch, that with some basic sewing has the potential for an excellent toddler satchel 🙂 As I pulled them out I thought they looked rather large, I  had ordered the large (7 – 18kg) for Aggie as she is approximately 13 kg.
and rather than put them through the wash 3 to 4 times, I let them soak overnight in the laundry tub and put them through with my next nappy wash.
What I loved about them was that they were nice and soft after washing and very absorbent. I have had no leaks to date.
What I didn’t love so much was the size. Although they did shrink a bit with washing (I don’t do a hot wash) but were still much longer than I needed for my little girl. You can see here compared with the GroVia size 4 unfolded on the left, folded on the seams and again in the front in the middle, and folded across the seams three times for the Grovia and four for the Bummis.
This is also how it looked with my cover:
All in all, a very soft and absorbent pre-fold that takes no time to dry on the line. The only issue I had with it was the sizing – I probably needed the infant size (3-9kg) for the way I like to use pre-folds. If I needed extra absorbency at the front or wanted to wrap them around her with a snappi then this size would have been fine.
If you are considering using multiple size pre-folds it’s worth noting that the Bummis pre-folds do not have anything identifying the size on them like GroVia does with coloured thread trimming. The size is printed on the satchel, but not on the individual pre-folds.
From talking with Tennille, I realise that a positive experience with the pre-fold is all about having the right size pre-fold AND a good fitting cover. The size I got was too big for my little girl the way I like to use them, but the great thing about pre-folds is their flexibility and how you can tweak them through different folds to fit better. Although a little bulky I am still able to use the bummis pre-fold folded in four as in the middle picture above with the covers.
Do you use Bummis organic cotton prefolds? How did you find the sizing? I would love to hear your thoughts. Sal x

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