Bummis Dimple Diaper Review: Fab for day time use too.

Bummis Dimple Diaper Review by Trudy

Anyone who knows me knows I’ve always been a huge fan of fitted nappies. They are not just designed for nights but for days as well which is why I enjoyed the Bummis Dimple Diaper so much. The Dimple Diaper comes with a shell and boosting as standard, the organic cotton fabric used for the majority of the nappy is super soft, snuggly and amazingly absorbent. Because the Dimple Diaper is a fitted … the entire nappy will absorb rather than just the core making them perfect for heavier wetters, long naps and nights. The dimpled design of the fabric allows moisture to be absorbed quickly helping to eliminate leaks in babies who wee quickly and in great volumes. The boosting is a stay dry on one side and organic cotton on the other so you can choose which you would prefer to have against bubs skin.

Dimple Diaper for day time use:

If you are using the dimple for day time use or you have a light wetter through the night you may find you do not need night booster. The Dimple is incredibly absorbent even without the additional boosting. If you live in tropical/hot areas it’s perfectly fine to use the nappy without a cover if bub is having busy time or playing on a mat. Any wetness will absorb into the nappy, not straight through so a little pat on the bottom is enough to check if bub needs a change. For trips out or naps a cover is recommended as they do not contain any waterproofing layer.

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bummis dimple diaper review


Dimple for night time use:

I found the Dimple to be exactly what I needed for my reasonably heavy wetting son through the night prior to toilet training. He was a late trainer (though got it very swiftly once it clicked for him) so these fit my tall lean boy into his fourth year. We used the additional night booster or as part of a pack and found it was more than enough boosting to get him through the ten to eleven hours he slept overnight with no leaking or dampness outside the cover at all. The boosting comes completely apart from the outer so washing and drying was a breeze. They do not take a terribly long time to dry at all. You can use any well fitting cover over the nappy, I chose the Bummis Super Whisper Wrap. They have been around for a very long time (I used them on my eleven year old when she was a baby) and I knew the brand well, I love the reliability of them.

I really am a huge advocate for the Bummis Dimple Diaper having used it and loved it! I love answering questions so if you have any please flick me through an email.

Trudy, Customer Service, Apikali


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