Breastvest Review: Keeping your modesty

Breastvest review from Kylie, a breastfeeding in our community.

Kylie shares ….

Not looking to sell a kidney for ugly unshapely maternity wear for breastfeeding?

Sick of all the maternity/nursing wear with the unflattering stripes and extra space for the pregnancy belly you no longer require?

Have a wardrobe full of nice pre-pregnancy clothes you can’t wait to wear again?

Then you need the Breastvest!

The sizing is spot on and the fabric quality is great. This singlet is perfect under many of your existing tops to make them breastfeeding friendly without stretching the necklines or exposing your stomach keeping a little bit of modesty.

Unlike many other feeding singlets the Breastvest is quite long so you can either tuck it in or cover the back of your pants (saving you from over exposing while tending to your darling little one) and you can wear it with a more supportive feeding bra perfect for ladies on the higher end of the cup scale.

Breastvest reviewThe fabric is soft, stretchy and most importantly comfortable without being too bulky, which is essential for your changing body after pregnancy. Perfect for any weather as it’s quite light to be cool enough to wear under a t-shirt in summer or an extra layer without being too bulky in winter.

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There are no buttons, clips, press studs or zippers to have to awkwardly tend to one handed while your baby is starving and needing food immediately!

Available in either black or white the Breastvest will suit any outfit easily, maximising your current clothing options. This has honestly been the best nursing item of clothing I have bought so far for such a reasonable price and excellent quality!

Breastvest can be purchased from Apikali.

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