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breastvest reviewIt was so exciting to provide a Breastvest review. I have breastfed 4 babies and used all kinds of accessories and shirts to make the job easier. From front opening shirts, to double singlets and shirts that have a hidden opening. I never had success with these.

I like to lift my top to access the nursing bra, flip the strap and feed my child. I don’t like extra steps or fabric to move aside so that my hungry and grizzly bub can feed. When the opportunity came to share the Breastvest with our Australian community, I jumped at the chance.

I love the practicality and ease of use of the Breastvest. It serves two functions that other nursing singlets or tops cannot. It provides quick and easy access to the nursing bra AND covers your post-partum belly when breastfeeding. This last feature I love the most. At the end of feeding my second child and wasting money on specialised nursing tops, I gave up and just resorted to wearing any shirt from my wardrobe and exposing my midriff when nursing. At times it was cold, or chilly, but mostly embarrassing and I would hide in the nursing rooms or go to the car to feed for privacy.

With my hindsight and experience, I can proudly say I wish this was around when I was nursing my darlings. I would have had 2 or 3 and been able to nurse my 4 kids with ease, comfort and modesty. Given the challenges I faced with my Abbey, I didn’t need any additional annoyances when nursing my 3 boys. The Breastvest would have made it easier, and I may have even nursed longer than the 9 months I had to stop. at

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Check out my review below.

If you have begun your breastfeeding journey, then consider the Breastvest nursing singlet.

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