Breastvest Review: Clever feeding singlet

We asked Sara Simmons from our community to review the Breastvest. Here is her own story to tell.

Who am I? I’m a mum of two, and I have just started on my second breastfeeding journey (my first one lasted 3 years!). I have tried many different breastfeeding singlets, shirts, covers and even homemade items! I was excited to try the Breastvest, as it is something completely different.

Pulling the Breastvest out of the packaging, it appears to be a singlet with very long straps. It is a lovely soft material, and not too thick so it can be layered up without overheating (thanks hormones!). It is strange when you first put it on. It is a singlet that sits under your breasts, and I found the straps to feel a bit odd how they sit due to the different cut.

However once you have a shirt on over the top you don’t notice this at all, or that you are not wearing a full singlet.

Now, I am happy to breastfeed in public but I do like to have my tummy covered. So I usually wear layers and various feeding singlets to create something that keeps my tummy covered but allows access for feeding – usually resulting in having to undo various clips and manoeuvre straps. The beauty of the Breastvest is that it covers your tummy, and all you then need to deal with is access to your milk! It’s terrific!

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Wear any bra that you are comfortable feeding in, and the Breastvest works around it. No double clips to undo or rub against each other, no straps to stretch or try to pull out of the way. The Breastvest gives you direct access to your bra straight under your shirt. It’s really easy and convenient, and also very comfortable.

The Breastvest also opens up a lot more wardrobe options without having to purchase specific breastfeeding shirts. I suggest purchasing a Breastvest in a snug fit, so it will sit against your skin and then allow you to wear almost any shirt over the top that you can breastfeed in. It’s available in both black and white, and I usually pick a colour closest to the shirt I’m wearing so people don’t even realise you have your shirt up and are feeding (personal preference of course). They also have a good length to them, so you are able to tuck it in or pull it down over the top of your pants.

I am really impressed with the Breastvest. Upon trialling it over a couple of weeks, I have found it is the breastfeeding singlet that I am reaching for each day. It makes getting ready for a feed quick and easy, cutting out extra clips and straps that you don’t have to deal with. It is a very clever designed feeding singlet. I highly recommend it to all breastfeeding mums.

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breastvest review

The Breastvest upon arrival.
Nice and soft material, and looks like a singlet with extra long straps.

The Breastvest on. Sits under your feeding bra, so there are no additional clips or straps to have to undo. Plenty of length to tuck in or pull down over the top of your pants. I’m wearing a size SMALL here.

breastvest review

Front view while feeding wearing the Breastvest under a t-shirt. I wear a similar colour shirt so they blend in together. And my tummy stays warm and I don’t have to show any extra skin.

Closer view from the front, wearing the Breastvest while feeding.

breastvest review

Side view of feeding while wearing the Breastvest. I prefer to wear a singlet under my shirt while feeding, so my tummy and back are covered. As you can see the Breastvest does this, but without having to deal with extra clips or straps to be able to feed your baby. It’s a very clever feeding singlet!

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