Breastvest Product Review: Its a worthwhile spend.

Breastfeeding mums from our Cloth Nappy Doctor Community to review the Breastvest nursing singlet.

Catherine Szacsvay shares her experience with the Breastvest nursing single.

Well into my fourth year in a row of breastfeeding, I have been through a wide range of wardrobe options while trying to dress comfortably, practically and with a view to easy access for nursing.

Cloth Nappy Doctor Tip: Place straps under your nursing bra straps.

Most recently due to the pretty cold weather where I live I have settled on layering stretchy crop top type bras, front opening nursing singlets, button down shirts or lower cut long sleeved tops and a jumper, cardigan or jacket on top. That is a lot to get through when wrangling an impatient baby!

The Breastvest sits below the bust line with straps that are set wide so that it does not get in the way at all. This, combined with the lightness of the the fabric means that I virtually forget that I am wearing it and I have one less layer to worry about. I do find that I need to tuck it into my jeans to stop it from creeping up though, and the straps have a tendency to slip down.

It seems the Breastvest is tired mum proof though.

I had one day where I had obviously dressed a bit carelessly and not actually managed to put my arm through the strap and didn’t actually realise until I was changing that night, but even with this wardrobe malfunction it stayed up and in place!

My philosophy on laundry is pretty harsh. If an item of clothing comes to live in my house it has to be resilient and the Breastvest passed this test too. I wash mine in my usual cold wash with¬†everything else and have line dried it as well as chucked it in the dryer without any dramas, so that’s also a win.

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My only remaining doubt is with the price tag. $30 is a bit pricey for a singlet when there¬†are cheaper options, but I guess even if you wore them every day you might only need three and if you end up nursing for as long as me (with no end in sight!) then it’s a worthwhile spend.


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