Breastvest Product Review: Stretchmarks are covered

Breastfeeding mummas from our Cloth Nappy Doctor Community took the time to share their experience with the Breastvest nursing singlet.

Hannah Taylor shares her story…

Hi I’m Hannah and mum to a beautiful almost 1 year old boy (gosh doesn’t the time fly) we live in rural SA

I was given the chance to own a Breast Vest in exchange for a fair, honest and critique review.

I wear a size 8-10, I’m 168cm tall and slim built and was given an x-small white Breast Vest to trial.

On receiving the breast vest I pulled it out of the packaging it felt soft smooth and simply lovely. My first look over it and I thought there is no way this will fit me it’s too small and if I get it on it’s not going to tuck in. Well how wrong was I!

I’m one of those people that got a tummy full of stretch marks after my first child thanks to him being 8 pound 10!

Despite the breast Vest being white and light weight even my darkest stretch mark is

not viewable through the fabric.

On putting on the breast Vest for the first time I found it fit perfectly. Once it’s in the right spot positioned on the bottom elastic of my bra it’s instantly comfortable it folded around and over every little lump and bump and tucked into my pants no worries at all.  I wore it all day and never once did I need to re tuck it in no matter how many times I bent down to pick up my child, move toys or during house work.

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The straps on the other hand drove me crazy no matter how tight I did them up the lovely stretchy soft material of the Breast Vest meant that they constantly slipped down my arm. My hack to stopping this was tucking it under my nursing bra strap this stopped the problem but meant under tighter clothing it showed a little lump on the shoulders.

Cloth Nappy Doctor Tip: Pop the Breastvest straps under your nursing bra strap.


When worn properly the Breast Vest was not visible under any of my tighter clothing and I had no issues with static when wearing my lighter silky tops that are prone to static.

All in all the Breast Vest is a simple and useful top that would have made all the difference had I invested before bubs was due so it was ready to wear when I began my breastfeeding journey, it has been wonderful pulling out all my loved tops and wearing them again without the worry of feeding my boy and showing off my post baby tummy.

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