Breastvest Review: Great to wear normal clothes again.

A breastfeeding mamma from our Cloth Nappy Doctor community has shared her experience of the Breastvest nursing singlet.

Lauren Blais shares…

The breast vest has been designed to wear under your ‘normal’ clothes.

It converts any of your non nursing tops into breast feeding tops, so it’s great to be able to wear your normal clothes again, or save money by not having to purchase expensive breast feeding tops.

It is essentially a singlet with no material over your breasts with the material starting just below your breast. It is designed to cover your belly when lifting up your top to breast feed.

The length of the vest is quite long which is great,  as this means there is no riding up of material and exposing any skin – I have trialled this singlet in winter so this is even more beneficial especially breast feeding at nighttime.  It has kept me nice and warm but the material is light enough so I think it will be good for summer as well.  The material is very soft and feels lovely against the skin.

The singlet straps sit next to your bra straps so they  don’t get in the way of unlatching for feeding time.

The straps tend to fall off my shoulder, this occurred even after several  length adjustments. Ibreastvest review lauren blais put this down to the material being so light  and thin. 

Laurens’ top tip: Wrap the straps around my bra strap high on the shoulder.

For future designs of the vest the straps should like a bra strap.

Some friends have asked how the breast vest is different to current breast feeding singlets on the market and the difference is,  the fit. I have found breast feeding singlets can be quite tight around the bust and not always true to size (and I am an average size woman) but the breast vest is true to size – I am a size 12 and the medium fits me well.

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Overall,  I think this is a great product and would recommend it.

I especially loved it for night time feeds as I could wear my normal pyjamas and not have a cold stomach.

I also love being able to wear my normal clothes again.

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