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Breastfeeding with Close Parent: Our recommendations

breast feeding with closeBreastfeeding is a beautiful time to bond with your baby. Breastfeeding with Close can make it easier and more practical so you can concentrate on bonding.

I know from my breastfeeding days, that finding the right products made all the difference to make nursing less complicated and a joy. There was nothing more frustrating than having products that did now work or assist easily during those midnight feeds.

We are concentrating on Breastfeeding with Close in this blog, as they provide a range of products that work seamlessly together. Taking the guess work out of choosing for you. The products are designed to last a long time AND to work hard while you concentrate on nursing and bonding.

breastfeeding with close

There are four products in the Breastfeeding with Close range.

Close Stage 1 bibs

These bibs act as protection for baby’s clothing to catch any spittle or dribble. They are waterproof on one side or absorbent on the other.

Close Burp Cloth

These are made from the same materials as their bibs and provide protection for mums clothing while burping baby after a feed. The ends are waterproof and the middle is absorbent to catch any mess.

Close Nursing Pads

Made with a stay dry layer, absorbent soya bean middle and waterproofing outer layer, they are slim line and comfortable. These nursing pads are perfect for an average let down or protection against slight leakage.

Close Bamboo Wipes

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Coming in a pack of 10, these bamboo wipes are soft and wonderful to assist in wiping babys mouth or cleaning up any drips from mum.

Check out the Close range today to assist you with nursing your baby in comfort and style. And watch The Cloth Nappy Doctor chat about this nursing range.

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