Best Newborn Cloth Nappy

best newborn cloth nappy
Choosing to use cloth nappies from day one for your newborn can be overwhelming for some parents. There is no such thing as a best newborn cloth nappy. Other parents revel in the variety and the choice they made to use natural materials for their child. We have previously talked about using cloth nappies from birth and how they compare to using OSFM styles. Here is a link to that discussion.

Let us take you through the different styles available and their unique properties. This will help you find the style that will suit your life, you and your baby. Remember go with what you are drawn too, dont get too distracted by their cuteness.
The AIO style, check it out. As easy as a disposable.

The prefold/fitted style, lots of absorbency and more choice of material available.

The newborn covers are a great way to personalise your newborns wardrobe in those early days.

So what do you think? Not as daunting? Excited?
Drop us a line to discuss options for you.
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