Baby Beehinds XXL Cloth Nappy Review by the Cloth Nappy Doctor

It is rare that larger cloth nappies are reviewed, let alone have a blog, images and video attributed to them. So its with a lot of fun that I reviewed the Baby Beehinds XXL cloth nappy. This nappy is designed for children 24+kg, but as children become older you will also need to check the rise, thigh and waist measurements to ensure the larger cloth nappies fit.

The Baby Beehinds XXL cloth nappy comes with sewn in thirsty microfiber on the pocket. This is fabulous for older children who do quicker and larger output, and need quick absorption. The nappy also includes a rectangular bamboo booster which provides additional boosting. The bamboo insert can also be placed on the outside of the pocket if your child requires a natural material against their bottom.

I love how the pocket is larger and the groin is wide to allow for additional boosting if required. If you find your child requires additional boosting you can add one of the following:

Bummis infant or baby prefold

Baby Beehinds bamboo trifold booster

Simply Cloth bamboo trifold booster

Punkin Butt hemp boosters

AppleCheeks bamboo inserts

The fit of the Baby Beehinds XXL cloth nappy is firm and comfortable. We have used this cloth nappy for Abbey for 3 years. She currently weights 32 kgs and we find the nappy is now too short in the rise and she requires the next size up cloth nappy. We are happy to share with you these images of Abbey in her Baby Beehinds and you can see the lovely fit around the thighs and waist.

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Recently I shared the Baby Beehinds XXL in a live video on Facebook. Check out the review below.


Have you used the Baby Beehinds XXL cloth nappy? What do you think?

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