baby bare aio cloth nappy review

Baby Bare AIO Cloth Nappy: Cloth Nappy Doctor Reviews

baby bare aio cloth nappy reviewLets review the Baby Bare AIO Cloth Nappy. An AIO(All-in-One) refers to the structure of the cloth nappy where the absorbency is attached and/or sewn into the shell. An AIO is the closest in design to a disposable cloth nappy. The cloth nappy is put on and taken off, there is no ability to reuse any part of the cloth nappy. The entire nappy must be washed each time it is changed.


  • Available in PUL or Minky outer.
  • The sewn in tongue consists of three layers 400gsm bamboo. This weight of bamboo is extra thirsty, which decreases bulkiness.
  • Three layers of microfibre are sewn into the shell. This assists with drawing moisture from the bamboo layers efficiently to increase absorption, compared to an entirely bamboo cloth nappy.
  • Layer of suede cloth for a stay dry layer.
  • One size with three rows of front snaps to adjust size.
  • Back elastic to assist with poonami containment.
  • Hourglass tongue design to improve absorbency and comfort.
  • Snap closer for a secure fit.
  • Wings will cross over to allow for a customised fit on the waist.
  • Fits ~3.5kg to 16+kg

baby bare aio cloth nappy review

Let The Cloth Nappy Doctor take you through a visual review of the Baby Bare AIO Cloth Nappy.

Baby Bare AIO cloth nappy is perfect for:

  • Parents looking for alot of absorbency in one nappy.
  • Parents looking for a convenient option for day care, grandparents or convenience.
  • Newborn babies when the bamboo tongue is folded towards the back.
  • A range of prints exclusive to Baby Bare.
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Baby Bare also provide some wonderful tips in the video below.

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