Ask me Anything September 16

During Ask Me Anything in September 2016 we chatted about the following:
Baby Bare Range
1.15 Baby Bare All in Twp
3.57 Baby Bare AI2 and using at night
4.34 Baby Bare All in One
5.50 Baby Bare all in one at the newborn stage
6.48 Honey Wrap cover
8.02 Trim AI2 for newborns
9.44 Honey Pot fitted cloth nappy
10.30 Honey pot fitted for night time use
11.25 Teddy AI2 cloth nappy
13.30 Saving money with AI2 cloth nappies
14.20 Invisi Booster
15.10 Baby Bare wipes
15.50 Baby Bare range of liners
16.43 Baby Bare nursing pads
17.25 Baby Bare PUL wetbag
18.12 Baby Bare minky wetbag
19.06 Baby Bare pail liner
19.56 Baby Bare change mat
21.36 Baby Bare puddle mat

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