Ask Me Anything October 17: Toilet Training

Join the Cloth Nappy Doctor as she discusses what you need and dont need to assist in toilet training your child. Check the practical tips and when to tell your child is ready to start.

Please note this AMA was recorded live at 3am in the morning while the Tennille was in Las Vegas!

Toilet Training
2.05 When is your child ready to start?
3.36 Poo face
3.59 Introducing toilet training
5.00 Using the toilet
7.25 Toilet training in summer
8.23 Toilet training for special needs kids
7.50 Managing independent toddlers
8.49 Toilet training pants: Do you need them?
9.40 Bummis potty pants
15.02 Going out and toilet training
17.03 When to get assistance or see the doctor
18.50 Summary

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