Ask Me Anything Oct 2016

During this months AMA we discussed the following:
0.27 Bummis range
0.47 Bummis organic cotton prefolds
2.03 Bummis covers range
2.30 Bummis Pull On
2.58 Folding prefolds
3.34 Bummis Dimple Diaper
4.00 Bummis Deluxe Booster
4.31 Bummis AIO
5.36 Bummis AI2
6.36 Bummis Potty Pants
6.57 Bummis Swim nappies
7.20 Liners
7.27 Bummis cloth pads and nursing pads
7.36 Bummis bibs
7.51 Boosting the AIO for night time
8.56 Unique Bummis Snaps
9.05 Potty Pants in more details
10.05 How to fold absorbency for boys
11.17 Bummis Simply Lite OS cover
13.05 How to size a one size nappy for newborn
14.35 How to manage smelly nappy pails
18.11 Comparison of Bummis and Baby Beehinds cloth pads

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