Ask Me Anything Dec 17: Out and About with Cloth Nappies

Join the Cloth Nappy Doctor as she chats about how easy it is to go out and about with cloth nappies. Also check out the practical and easy to use Swipes Washable Wipes system.

2.20 Swipes Washable Wipes
13.00 Out and About with Swipes
13.33 Out and About with cloth nappies
15.20 Wetbags for out and about – Funky Fluff clutch, Planet Wise wet dry bag, Wetbags for longer trips
17.22 How to roll a cloth nappy for containment and storage until you get home.
18.40 Take extra inserts – prefolds, flats take up less room
20.13 Change mats
21.22 Eating and feeding while out and about. Reusable snack bags, Bummis sandwich bag

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