Apikali! What happened to your Nappy Library?

For 2015, we thought it was time we upgrade our Nappy Library to represent your needs and provide better value. Why? We like to do new things, change the status-quo. But seriously, you have helped us to grow Apikali to include over 35 cloth nappy brands, that we have compiled the best that Australia has to offer.

What have we said good bye to in 2014?

No more USED nappies to try (except our Gently Used Newborn Program)
No more measly 10% discounts
apikali cloth nappy library sweetpea
What have we added in 2015?
All cloth nappies are NEW for our Novice Program, Night Time Program, Explorer Pack, New Newborn Kit,
Up to 20% discount on purchased made with your Credit,
You can use your credit towards anything at Apikali*.
Let me tell your more…
Novice Program replaces our Novice Pack. Its exactly the same idea. You can trial a set range of cloth nappies across style and budget. Its a great starter pack for those parents confused or need an introduction to cloth nappies.
Night Time Program allows parents to discover a good night sleep. Trial a range of night time cloth nappies with support throughout the entire process. We will help you perfect your cloth nappy to suit your childs’ sleeping needs.
Explorer Program is designed for parents who want to trial particular cloth nappy brands or styles, and allows us to suggest cloth nappies that may assist you. But what we love most about this program, is that you can return the cloth nappies for a credit at Apikali. You dont have to buy cloth nappies or search for them on special, just to try them, then possibly resell them.
Newborn Hire Program is for parents wanting to use cloth nappies from birth. You have the choice of new or gently used. And new for 2015 is the opportunity to add a small Novice Pack to your newborn hire kit. The small Novice Pack is a range of 6 Gently Used one size cloth nappies that are most popular at Apikali.
Here are the FAQs
1) What are you Terms and Conditions?
Please pop across here.
2) What if I don’t want to spend all of my credit?
We have developed this Nappy Library to provide the best value for our community. By basing the Programs on a credit system, it allows us to provide new nappies to parents to try and to offer the great 20% discount. If you decide not to spend your credit all at once, then it will provided in the form of a Gift Certificate which is valid for 12 months at Apikali. Remember that your 20% discount is only applicable for one purchase post hire. Oh and we sell more than cloth nappies, we are just known mostly for cloth nappies.
3) What if cloth nappies are not for me?
That is perfectly fine. With over 35 brands we have built Apikali on parents support, knowledge and use of cloth nappies. We now that 98% of parents use cloth nappies post hiring one of our packs. If you find cloth nappies are not for you, your credit is valid for one year post hire. And you can still use your 20% discount on your first purchase post hire. We want you to find what lifestyle suits you, we are just so excited you were happy to give it a go.
4) Do I have to return all of the nappies?
For the Novice and the Night Time Program  we require the return of all of the nappies post hire to secure your credit and discount.
For the Newborn Hire and Explorere program you may keep any or all of the nappies according to the Terms and Conditions.
In a big nutshell, they are our exciting upgrades to our Cloth Nappy Library at Apikali.
Your cloth doc

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