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Nursing pads were not so far advanced when I had Abbey. It wasn’t until I had my Ali that the range of nursing pads was opened up to me again. In the beginning I used the Avent brand, which could not hold any amount of milk, apart from drips. They stained easily, but did last 4 nursing babies with the aid of a disposable nursing pad behind.

nursing pads at apikali
Now, in this more advanced modern age, the choice for mothers who are leaking during pregnancy or nursing is extensive. They are so much more softer and comfortable compared to the plastic disposable packs available at the supermarket. Those plastic ones I found rubbed on the nipple more than the cotton ones. They make it all feel more ‘raw’.
Why would you consider reusable nursing pads during pregnancy or nursing your little angel?
1) You never run out.
2) Money saved from reusing, at least $700 in the first year I reckon.
3) They are softer, chemical free, plastic free.
4) And just more fun to look at .
nursing pads at apikali
The range now available is magic. Heres a quick run down.
 If you just drip, then any light or medium absorbency is great like Natures Child or Apikali.
If you continually leak, try Natures Child, Imse Vimse, Baby Beehinds or Apikali.
If you have a huge let down, again Natures Child, Fresh Moon.
If you have a waterfall then Fresh Moon or the Large Natures Child.
Caring for Nursing Pads is so easy. Grab a laundry bag to put them in and wash.
If you use any lanolin or nipple products, these can easily be removed with some detergent lightly rubbed in or soaking in a gentle washing liquid.
Nursing Pads are just better and nicer, they are cheaper and more comfortable. Why wouldn’t you?
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