About Tennille. About The Cloth Nappy Doctor. Thats’ me. Little ole me.

During my past four years turning Apikali into what it is today and continuing to build and improve it for our community, I have had the privilege of meeting some awe-inspiring women. They have suggested that I share my story on how I ended up here.

about tennille i love what i do

I went to the University of Western Australia and did a Bachelor of Science in Natural Resource Management. In those days they loved long obscure titles. It basically means, environmental science. I am passionate about helping the environment and understanding our impact on our earth, short and long term. I finished my Degree at the top of my year group with First Class Honours and with a Major in Environmental Economics.

Side note: I met my husband, James just before starting uni. Too cute?

Before I finished Uni I was asked by a lecturer to work for him as a research assistant for a year on current environmental issues. It was intoxicating. Then my boss suggested I look at a PhD. A what? A Doctorate of Philosophy. So I did and it would open some doors, especially for me to travel overseas.

Side note: I have this bad addiction for travel. Maybe it was from my youth after all of the moving around. I dont know, but as I write this I am itching to travel, SOMEWHERE. Anywhere.

The PhD journey was more than research, it was also self development. I learnt alot about myself, including my inability to give up and willingness to try new things. I met some amazing people as well and two of them work with me to make Apikali amazing…Sally and Trudy.

The PhD process is meant to take about three years, mine took six years. This was due to my gorgeous daughter, Abbey and the development of her medical condition.  When her medical issues started I was at the peak, the cusp of moving onto amazing and unknown adventures. I was the Secretary for a large Economics Society, meeting top researchers, other PhD students, perfecting my research AND suggestions of jobs and career paths. It was heady and looked financially and personally fulfilling.

It came to a crashing halt one year after Abbey was born. Her condition continued to allude us and the doctors. I finished the PhD in 2008 with great determination and pride. That six year journey changed my perceptions of what a mother, a wife and a woman is.  My ideals changed and I was on a path to find out who I was and what I wanted from my life. For four years I trialed different career paths that would compliment the needs of my girl. Most were not compatible or of interest.

While deciding where I was going, I had 3 more children, moved interstate and built a house. Discovered my love of water colour painting, took up knitting again and being in the sunshine. Abbey’s condition did not improve over these years, it still alludes us today. I have been able to simplify life, and enjoy the people who make up our close circle.

about the cloth nappy doctor

In 2012, Nathan, our third child, needed larger cloth nappies and our journey with Apikali began, and continues today. Its a dream job, even surreal at times. I’m able to flex my brain, share my life with you, care for Abbey, be at home with my family and continue to personally develop as I try new adventures. If you would like to see more into the personal side of being a full time carer to a unique girl, pop onto Facebook and use #365CareAbbey.

I love to share my story and my knowledge, and welcome any invitations to do so. Please take a moment to peruse where I have contributed in the past, here.

So, The Cloth Nappy Doctor is my opportunity to use my title, share my knowledge and gain more experience to assist parents from all backgrounds to come and discover solutions for their personal needs and consider a simpler, reusable lifestyle.


Chat soon,

cloth nappy doctor

The Cloth Nappy Doctor