101 Uses for Swipes

Apikali recently held a competition for you to help us compile 101 uses for Swipes. Here is what we currently have:

1. Make up remover.

2. Washing cloth.

3. Teething cloth placed in the freezer.

4. Wipe cutlery before putting away.

5. A wipe for after wees when using cloth nappies.

6. Used for wiping up poo when using cloth nappies.

7. Clean toilet surrounds with cheeky wipes ūüôā

8. Quick and easy refresh for a tired mums face of a morning.

9. Use clean cheeky wipes in labour, you can take them in the clean wipes box and then fill it with cold or warm water to use during labour.

10. Pregnancy leakiness, placed next to the bed, ready to wipe to absorb moisture as you jump out of bed to see to the toddler!

11.¬†On the old dog. Cleans his sleepy eyes and in his ears. Even as a quick fix if he’s rolled in something smelly.

12.¬†I have a wipe which has been ripped. Not good for getting poo of bub’s bottom but wipes poo off our fresh laid eggs well.

13. Really gentle when babies and toddlers have colds instead of tissues giving them a sore nose.

14. Facewashers.

15. Keep them in a tackle box to wipe away the yucky fish bait.

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16. I use my wipes to clean stains out of my clothes when bubs decides to paint her food all over my black jeans!

17. Everything!

18. Sticky fingers.

19. Puke on the carpet.

20. Teddy blankees.

21.¬†Keeping a bullmastiff’s slobbery chops clean, dry & pimple-free.

22.¬†Rub my bubbas head when unsettled, the oils will calm her down ūüôā

23. Wiping over shopping centre/restaurant highchairs.

24. Wiping snot off a mirror.

25. Wiping snot off a mums skirt from a darling daughter.

26. Bath time washer for children (and a great toy for them to wash and nappy change baby dolls Рhours of fun!)

27. Give the washing machine a quick wipe over -especially those seals on front loaders and toss in the wash Рeffortlessly clean washer!

28. Caring for dolls.

29. They are also great for wiping down baby toys and change table, keeping things fresh.

30. Clean around a gastro Mickey peg.

31. Clean a toy that has dropped on a dirty floor when out.

32.  Tie a knot in each corner to make a cheeky little hat, to keep the sun off your baldy-head, like a Pommie on Blackpool beach on a (rare) sunny English day at the seaside! The cheeky wipes are probably a bit small at 15cm square, so maybe a tiny little premmie baby Рthey have baldy heads too.

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33. Miniature food-cover Рkeep the flies off your cheese on toast!

34. Drip catcher for the coffee-plunger or teapot.

35. Lens cloth, for your specs.

36. Moisture catcher for under a defrosting chook.

37. Dust TV screen

38. Emergency breastpad.

39. Polish toaster and kettle with WD40.

40. Polish the silver.

41. Clean gumboots.

42. Wipe dew off your bike seat in the morning.

43. Wipe mist off inside of car windscreen.

44. Nail polish remover cloth.

45. A mini napkin for picnics and BBQs.

46. Stubby-holder!

47.  Hot-dog/burger holder for the barbie!

48. Booster for your cloth nappies

49. Newborn nappy insert.

50. Much more effective for after-poo wiping a TT toddler

51. Less painful way of removing crusty boogas

52. Great for wiping away cradle cap after putting some olive oil on bubs head

This is as far as we have gotten. Can you add any?

Apikali will keep working on this list, as we know there are 101 uses for Swipes!

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