101 Things to Store in the Planet Wise Mini Lite wetbags

The Planet Wise Mini Lite wetbags are the perfect size to store a range of thing! We recently put it to our Apikali Community what they would store in the Mini Lite.

  1. Dummies! Endlessly fishing for one in the nappy bag!

2. I always take a wet washer when out for wiping dirty faces and fingers after food. This would be perfect and so much better than the plastic snap seal bag I currently use.

3. Nappy bag snacks for the kids. Would be great to carry less bags!

4. Healthy snacks!

5. Wet swimmers after kids swimming lessons

6. Snappis

7. creams

8. boosters

9. panadol + syringe

10. To carry my Swipes Wipes in!!

11. Small note pad & pencils to keep toddler busy on trips

12. I would probably put my girls’ hair elastics and clips in there. We have soooo many!

13. We’ve just started solids so I’ll probably use this for gloriously messy bibs when we’re out and about.

14. Spare cloth inserts

15. Reusable wipes! Need something to keep them in in my bag!

16. Spare underwear for Mr 2 who’s currently toilet training.

17. Teething rings, gel for little Miss 9 months who dribbles by the buckload.

18. Mama cloth

19. Lunch treats for my little one. We’ve been going super well with zero waste lunches, but Mr 3 recently lost my old snack bag

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20. Swimmers and nappy after swimming lessons to avoid bringing a plastic bag- this ones much safer to play with!

21. Jatz crackers. Because I’m not allowed to leave the house without some jatz in my nappy bag. To appease the toddler when she starts screaming “craaaackerrrr” at the top of her lungs while we’re in public

22. sunscreen,

23. things that can leave messes when they get squashed at the bottom of a nappy bag

24. Snacks like apple pieces, rice crackers or pecan nuts.

25. Crackers for storytime at the library

26. Choc biscuits for mumma!

27. Toiletries for overnight stays.

28. Keys, small purse, phone when out & about…

29. My 6month old loves celery sticks so these will come in handy!

30. plastic free lunch bags for kindy

31.  I’d use it for travel 😁 be perfect for plane rides

32. I’d use it for my face washer wipes,

33. I’d put my girls toiletries in them or their special little toys

34. Awesome snacks watching his brother at his sporting events

35. I would use one of these in my car glove box to carry my “car driver kid kit” which is a rubiks cube, yougurt sultana snacks, juice box, crayons, pad and wet wipes.



What additional uses can you think of?

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