Welcome to the home of The Cloth Nappy Doctor. Don’t let the name deceive you – this is a place where we share, learn and discover about not only cloth nappies, but also sustainable living, being a small business owner, and taking on the challenges of life. In my case, that is as a special needs parent to my beautiful daughter, Abbey.

I’m Tennille, a mum, business owner, carer, wife, and the Cloth Nappy Doctor. I initially created this space to share a wealth of practical and easy-to-digest information about using and caring for cloth nappies in Australia. In 2017 it expanded to be a place for me to share my experiences with our online community as a special needs parent and small business owner

I live in Brisbane with James, my husband, and four gorgeous children. Abigail is the heart – and namesake – of our business. She is the reason for my passion to learn about and share solutions for living a simpler and more sustainable family life. I also have the privilege of working with Trudy and Sally, two mums who are regular contributors to this place of knowledge. We welcome you here, and look forward to sharing our journeys with your family.

My experience with cloth nappies began over 12 years ago. Now, I have been providing advice and assistance to parents for nearly five years through my business, Apikali. Between myself, Trudy, Sally and the parents we have assisted through Apikali, we have experience with over 100 brands and styles of cloth nappies and accessories. We continue to review and trial new designs and brands to assist our parents; both those new to the cloth nappy experience and those already begun who need a bit of help along the way.

You can join us in our Community Group, The Cloth Nappy Doctor Chats. This group is a safe place to ask questions, share knowledge and find new (or sometimes old) solutions to common issues. Whether you’re looking for information on how to choose a cloth nappy or the best way to care for wool soakers, or anything in between, this is the place to come to ask all of your questions.

Beyond the cloth nappies, though, lies my experiences as a carer to a child with extremely demanding special needs, whilst also being the best parent I can be to my three other children, and growing personally and professionally. This blog will also be an opportunity for me to share my thoughts, feelings and experiences in the daily struggle to achieve a ‘normal’ life along with everything else. I invite you to participate and share your own struggles with me and the broader group. Whilst my own life may seem impossibly complex in comparison to others, it is my firm belief that the essence of the things which trouble us all have common foundations. Please, join in and make this group as strong a resource as possible for anyone who may feel the need to belong. To not be alone. We are, after all, stronger together.

For more information about who I am and why I do what I do, pop across here for a read.