Welcome to The Cloth Nappy Doctor Blog

Welcome to The Cloth Nappy Doctor Blog. This has been a dream of mine for many years, to provide a central place for parents to peruse and learn about the world of modern cloth nappies in Australia.

I, Tennille, started Apikali nearly four years ago. From day one we have worked towards an independent place where all information about cloth nappies is gathered. I have always blogged about cloth nappies, but the places I have been blogging have been out of reach for parents to find information easily and quickly.

So today we start The Cloth Nappy Doctor Blog. Its a bit more exciting, as its also my birthday, and a wonderful way to celebrate. To see a project I have been working on for so long, come alive!

Who am I?

Im a mum of four children. Three handsome boys and my Abbey, who plays a central role at Apikali. Im a full time carer to my girl.

I have a Doctorate of Philosophy in Environmental Economics, so I can have fun using The Cloth Nappy Doctor. Even though my career took a different path.

I love ice cream, probably a bit too much.

I love discovering new ways of replacing disposable items in my home and life. Its a challenge at times, but a great hobby to have, which I will share with you on this blog too.

And I’m the Owner and Dreamer at Apikali, a dedicated cloth nappy retail store in Australia. These two sites go together. One is for finding your solutions, this one is for learning about solutions to any cloth nappy issues you may have.

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Now I’m off to celebrate my day and to begin adding all the information we have shared for many years to one location, right here! Look out for posts, but also lots of practical images and videos.

Talk soon,

cloth nappy doctor sign off

The Cloth Nappy Doctor


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