Washing a wool cover ready to be lanolised

At Apikali, we love wool covers for their natural materials, ease of use and excellent option for night time nappying.

We have teamed up with Brooke from Eco Parents to bring you the method in which you should wash your wool soakers ready to be lanolised.
At Apikali we have put together a video of the same process as we wash Alis soakers.


This is an excerpt from Brooke’s blog at Eco Parents on how she washes her wool covers.
“Washing the wool
5 mins to wash. 15-20 mins to sit.
You can wash a few pieces at the same time. Use a wool wash (liquid or bar), some contain lanolin. A separate lanolising process will provide superior water proofing.
Turn the wool cover/s inside out and add to a bucket of tepid (slightly warm) water.
Add the wool wash liquid and swish around and gently massage the wool cover.
If using a wool wash bar then rub the bar over the cover and swish. Do not rub wool bar soap into the cover. It is more about getting the water soapy and swishing in the water.
Do not wring your wool.
You need to make a call if you are going to rinse the wool covers or just gently squeeze out the excess water, it may depend on how much soapiness you had in your wash bucket. If you do rinse them afterwards I would suggest you don’t over rinse them and don’t vary the temperature too much.
Check the specific instruction of your wool cover. Directions may vary slightly. Some specify not to soak the cover in wool wash.It is good to move to the lanolising stage soon after you have washed the cover. Leave cover/s in the tepid washing water while you prepare the lanolin mixture. You can leave the wool cover/s in the tepid water for up to 15-20 mins. This gives you time to have a cuppa and get the lanolising supplies ready.TIP. If you have used a wool soap bar to wash the wool covers you should make sure it is allowed to dry so moisture drains away. This will ensure you have minimal wastage and it will be ready for next time. I’d suggest labelling the soap so other family members don’t mix it up with regular soap (especially if your wool wash bar has lanolin in it). I sit mine in a container on some broken bamboo pegs. It is enough to keep the bar nice and dry.”
At Apikali we have put together a video of the same process as we wash Alis soakers.

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