How to Wash Your Cloth Nappies

How to wash your cloth nappies. Cleaning your nappies. Its easy and simple. Keep it easy and simple.

washing cloth nappies
Extra tips:
– You can rinse your nappies before storing them in your chosen system. Just be aware that if you rinse your nappies by hand and store in a wetbag, it may leak if the nappies are really wet.
– Wash at least every 2 days. This helps prevent mould, stink and bacterial growth. All yucky things!
– Add them to other clothes if you don’t have a full load, especially as your baby gets older and closer to toilet training.
– Hot weather, or a strong sun, dry your nappies in the shade.
– Remember don’t use vinegar, Napisan, softeners or bleach. These can destroy elastics, waterproofing, natural materials and cause repellency issues.
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