Our Vision for 2016 at Apikali

2016 will be our fourth year in business. Taking a moment to read our commitments to you in 2013, when we were only open 6 months, then onto 2014 and 2015, I am feeling old, yet so young. With a daughter like Abbey, we have had to grow up quick and experience huge sacrifice at vital moments in our lives. This means we can hone in on what is most precious to us.

 As I write this, Apikali is most precious to us. With all honesty this started out as a 5 year journey. Could we do it? Could we make it work for our ultimate goal of a secure financial future for Abbey?
And in 3 years, it is. It’s now a long-term goal, having exceeded our original 5-year goals. We are trekking into places that are new, strange and a touch intimidating, but will continue Apikali on for longer.
I want to take this moment to reiterate our goals to you, our suppliers and our team at Apikali. Everyone who interacts with us, on whatever level, is important. It has become an interconnected web of supportive families, women in business and ultimately our original purpose, Abbey’s future.

1. Apikali will always provide personal, from the heart, service.

This is our first priority in all that we do. In our personal lives we experience some amazing, up-lifting, human interactions, and then some very degrading and dismissive interactions. At Apikali we provide human contact, from one family to another. This is our goal. As we have grown, we are determined NOT to revert to the pristine and distance professionalism, but to stay grounded in human contact and needs. Your orders are packed by Tennille and James, your questions are answered by Trudy and Tennille, and our social media is handle by Sally and Tennille.

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We work with our suppliers to meet their needs and we work with community groups (national and international) to provide a link between our community and theirs.

2. Upgrading our customer service, warehouse and packaging services

For those who have been with us from the start, you will have noticed many changes to how we manage your orders. We are really proud of our current set up… 1) with the ability to check in a few weeks after you have ordered to ensure all is well, 2) a central avenue to manage all your your needs, and 3) an upgrade to our postage service. We would not been able to accomplish all of this without your feedback and custom.

Have we finished? No, and never will. As technology changes, as our order volume increases and new products become available, these are challenges that we can more easily manage.

On a side note, we are still committed to reusing all packaging, and providing recyclable or bio-degradeable items. We have not bought any additional packaging for over 8 months. We thank you for your support in this endeavor.

3. Apikali will continue to find quality AND value-for-money products.

This one is close to my heart. Very close. I believe in value for money, not the cheapest around. And we continue to assess all products on this merit. We don’t stock all products, we don’t stock the most popular products…we stock those products that will work and make life easier for you.

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4. Apikali will continue to provide unbiased and honest advice.

Our product reviews have been well received and continue to grow as more parents share their experiences. Our shared knowledge and expertise is unbiased and honest. If we don’t know, we will tell you and then go find out. Then we will be back with more information.

We are committed to finding solutions that work for you. Not what has worked for us only, as each family is special with unique challenges. So we find those products that will help a range of needs and challenges.

Where to now?

2016 looks to be a huge year for us. We will be starting the expo circuit, public outreach, increasing our community projects and continuing to expand our offerings to you.

Thank you to all of you. We are in it for another year. We look forward to seeing you out and about. Please pop us an email, comment below or say hello when we are in the public eye. Share your journey with us. We loving sharing ours.

Tennille and James

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