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Using Lansinoh for Wool Covers

using lansinoh for wool coversUsing Lansinoh for wool covers is easy and effective. Lansinoh is a lanolin based product readily available at chemists or your local supermarket.

Most Mums who have breastfed or are breastfeeding know what Lansinoh is. For me it was a lifesaver in the first few weeks of each of my babies birth after feeding my precious little vampires. But did you know Lansinoh can be used very effectively to lanolise your nappies as well?

There is a specific method to using Lansinoh for wool covers though (there are probably a few) so I thought I’d share how I used to do it with my woollies.

Step 1) You will need a small container with a firm fitting lid, a basin (or your laundry sink will do) of tepid water about as large as your woollie item/s and some Lansinoh… its very simple

Step 2) Grab a pea sized blob of the Lansinoh and put it in your small container the fill it with very very hot water, put on the lid and shake like mad (if the water is not hot enough the Lansinoh will not melt properly and you will get blobs all through your woollies, yuck!) until the Lansinoh is all melted and there aren’t any “bits”.

Step 3) Pour the Lansinoh into your basin of tepid water and swirl around. Then put your woollie in, push it under the water and gently squeeze to completely soak the garment. I normally leave it for about an hour to give it a really good soak and then remove it from the water.

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Step 4) Gently squeeze out any excess water and then dry it out a bit more between two towels. Then allow to dry completely by laying it across your line or clothes horse (do not hang your woollies).

Super Tips

  • When dry, if your woollies feel very “dry and squeaky” then you have not used enough lanolin, if they feel greasy then you have used too much.
  • I recommend using a different batch per woollie, adding additional lanolin to do more than one can result in one being overdone and the other being underdone.
  • No leaks are what we are chasing so just the right amount of lanolising is important.
  • This method will work for any solid lanolin.

That’s it, super easy and very economical forusing Lansinoh for wool covers. Use the Sheepish Grins creamy lanolin spray in between washes as well, they smell amazing and do a great job of just freshening up both the woollie and the lanolising.

Trudy, Customer Service, Apikali

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