Using Cloth Nappies after Vaccinations: Rotavirus

using cloth nappies after vaccinationsVaccinations are not a nice time for mum or bub, but a little necessity for health and community. Whenever I have visited the lovely Health Care Nurses, they have advised not to use cloth nappies post vaccinations. These comments have come about from seeing a cloth nappy on my babies, and their professional concern for baby’s health. Its not a recommended practice, but a suggestion. I have not followed their advice as I knew I had healthy hygiene practices at home. And here is what we want to say to other mothers. Lets discuss using cloth nappies after vaccinations.

Of all the vaccinations given to our darlings, its the Rotavirus Vax that is shed in poo and is alive. The vaccination is a very weak strain of Rotavirus, so with poor hygiene practices it could pose an issue, particularly to immuno-compromised (those more susceptible to viruses). For more information, please see the Australian Immunisation Handbook. This book contains all the research and medical information you need to make an informed decision.
Here is what you can do to prevent any transfer of the weakened strain of Rotavirus from your babies poo, if you would like to continue using cloth nappies.
1) Change frequently.
2) Washing: Rinse cycle first, wash daily in 60C water, rinse cycle.
3) Dry in the sun, use it for its sanitising properties.
4) Wash your hands with soap and water after changing a nappy and doing the washing. This is how the virus is most likely to spread. Don’t be shy about lathering up.
5) Dettol and Canesten are designed for eliminating fungal and bacteria from washing, and are NOT designed for viruses. Don’t use these in your washing to manage the Rotavirus.
6) Continue for one week to ensure the virus has passed through your little baby.
If you use these washing techniques, thorough hand washing and sun dried cloth nappies, then there is no need to use disposables at vaccination time.
From personal experience, we have used cloth nappies during gastro outbreaks AND vaccinations. Our Abbey is immuno-compromised and we have hygienic and thorough hand washing routines.
If you are unsure, then use the disposables. Keep your sanity, over causing more stress while your little baby recovers from their injections.
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3 thoughts on “Using Cloth Nappies after Vaccinations: Rotavirus

    • Hi Claire,
      My thoughts are with you as you manage this challenging time with your husband.
      Im not sure the above routine would be sufficient under such circumstances. Our Abbey has a reduced immuno response that is genetic, I believe chemo leads to a much lowered system. I would chat to your husbands doctors about that immunisation to ensure the best medical care for all.
      With regards to washing, personally I would wash more often to ensure no bacteria is multiplying excessively from poo/wee. Washing at least every 2 days would assist.
      Please chat to your medical team. There are times we have switched for when Abbey has been very unwell and kept a sterile environment as much as possible.
      If you get a chance, please let me know their advice. Id love to add to this article for others.
      Warmest regards

  1. But it’s ok to use disposables and put all that she’d virus containing poo into general landfill ??!!?? What about the garbage collectors ??
    Be responsible – use cloth. With hygenie.

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