Trudy’s misadventures in cake making.

My husband recently turned 40 and I went on a cake search. Normally I make my own cakes but I wanted something a bit special for him. After a bit of searching I decided that I was unwilling to pay the amount required for a “special” cake so it was decided that I would make it myself and I settled for a Ferrero Rocher cake with homemade Nutella filling. I have an amazing recipe for chocolate cake which is my go to now so I cooked all day to make a five layer cake. You can find the recipe here:

So far so good… onto the Nutella

I waited until later in the night to make the Nutella. I used this recipe which looked easy enough (little did I know how much it would test me) I toasted my hazelnuts ok and got them in the food processor. Process for five minutes?

chocolate cake apikali

Hmm seems like an easy thing to do… um no because the nuts completely stick to the bowl and I have keep turning it off to scrape down the sides. In the end I turned into a crazy lady muttering under my breath and shaking the entire machine to try and make it blend into a “paste” About twenty minutes later I managed to get it to a consistency somewhere between paste and liquid and felt that was probably as much as my sanity could handle. I added the rest and processed that into a brick like chocolate substance which was useless for my cake. I mixed in enough pure cream to make it less brickish and sauceish enough to spread on my cake. I sandwiched all my layers together with my hazelnut chocolate spread and some fresh cream and placed it very carefully in the freezer to finish off the next day.

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After a good night s sleep I opened up my freezer to find the top three layers had slid completely off the top and frozen in the slidey way they fell. Once I separated them and got them into a more practical cake way it looked a bit like the cake was wanting a feed so I did the only practical thing I could think of…. I stuck on some eyes and snapped a pic.  Eventually it thawed enough for me to smoosh the whole thing together again and I set about covering the whole thing in dark chocolate ganache. In the end once I added the chocolates and the candles it looked pretty good (and absolutely enormous!)

The party was a success and I received more compliments for this cake than any I have ever made (and it was really delicious) but I still think that next time I might just make it chocolate ganache 😉


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