Sun and cloth nappies are best friends…truly

That big yellow ball in the sky is truly your best friend for cloth nappies. Even on cloudy days the suns UV rays is still around. Before you become disheartened by stains, use what is free and easy.

sun shine cloth nappy
The amazing sun will naturally bleach and whiten your cloth nappies. But be careful with colours, as it will also fade those.
How long should you leave your cloth nappies out? Try 3-4 hours for full sun and hot climates. And 6-8 hours for cold or overcast days. Dont leave them out for days, as you could destroy the fabric.
How should you hang them? The idea is to have the whole cloth nappy towards the sun. Laying flat is best as there is less chance of shadows. Lie flat on a cloth airer is usually the easiest. Make sure the part you want whitened is facing towards the sun.
What about really dark stains? Well these will take 3 to 4 goes in the sun. This is due to the darkness of the stain, not the power of the sun. So newborn poo will come out easier than spag bol poo.
sun shine cloth nappies
I need more power please? Well you can put quarter cup of lemon juice to 2 cups of water in a spray bottle and spray onto the stain before sunning. Diluted form is the best. Lemon juice reacts with the sun to whiten and brighten more effectively. Don’t use on PUL or elastic and use sparingly on natural materials. If you are unsure, please ask you manufacturer.
How easy is that? Use your eco-resources and take the work out of cloth nappies.
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