Beware your Washing Machine

The spin cycle you set on your washing machine can do one of three things: hinder the washing of your nappies, damage your nappies or get the perfect clean. I share my experiences below.

I had a 10 year old washing machine that recently gave up. It started out so well, we had bought it at the same time as I did my first stash of cloth nappies. It was a match made in heaven.

The machine was 5kg and about 500 RPM. This is important information. It was big enough for a family of four and robust enough for the work it had to do.
Over the first 8 years this machine had its electrical board replaced, the top of the tub broke, the lid was replaced and a few functions started to die. But it was still perfectly usable for washing our families clothes.
In the last 2 years, the tub and turning mechanism started to go. It would always unbalance and twist up all my washing. We had someone out to look at it, with a short term fix. James pulled it apart many times to clean and grease it. In the end the turning mechanism stopped working. The centre pole broke. It was time to replace our machine.
First a side note, even through the turning mechanism was not perfect, it still washed our clothes. We could not fit as much washing in but our clothes and cloth nappies were washed and came out clean. We still had water, detergent and agitation on our side to clean our clothes.
Now step in the new machine…its 10kg and works at most 1100 RPM.
For the first several loads, I could do one load of washing and not 5 a day, like before. I found more time in my day, woo hoo. But after a few months, I noticed holes appearing in my wipes, then cloth nappies and finally some shirts. I though the machine was broken.
No…Natural materials that are found in cloth wipes, cloth nappies and shirts, don’t like to be spun around at 1100 RPM. It was too rough and the items were screaming out to be treated gentle.
My point, get to know your washing machine. Get intimate with its needs and its functions. The base or eco function may not suit your cloth nappies and natural material wipes, alternative the high powered wash cycle may also cause damage to articles.
There was a big technology leap between my two washing machines. Its fabulous, but I didn’t get to know my NEW washing machine and I hurt some of my belongings.
Tell me, do you have a new washing machine that needs your understanding?
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