Solid Lanolin: Lanolising a Wool Cover by Eco Parents

At Apikali we enjoy eco living. But what does this mean to us? It means living simply to save money and to have the gentlest impact on our environment.

One of our greatest supporters is Brooke from Eco Parents. Personally I really enjoy her blog, Facebook page and her attitude and beliefs to Eco Living. We asked Brooke to write a tutorial on how to lanolise wool soakers using solid lanolin.
Her response and method are excellent. Well written and easy to follow. Here is an excerpt. For the full article please pop across to their blog article, Lanolising Wool Covers.
“Lanolising wool nappy covers
Time: 15 mins to lanolise, then soaking time, plus drying time.
Caution: You will be working with near boiling water. Be careful and take responsibility for the safety of yourself and others at all times. You undertake this activity at your own risk.Supplies
4 terry cloth nappies or two towels.
Chopsticks wooden (or a teaspoon).
Solid lanolin (or you can use Lansinoh – a cream for cracked and damaged nipples from breastfeeding).
Cup measure.
2L glass Pyrex jug.
Ice cubes (optional).

Wool cover/s. 

Suggestion: Read all instructions before you start. This helps to provide an overview and keep you organised.

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1. Start with water and add lanolin. Add two cups of tap water to the Pyrex jug. Add a pea size blob of lanolin.
2. Heat to melt lanolin. Microwave on high for 3 minutes or enough to melt the solid lanolin. Remove from microwave.

3. Add soap. Add a small squirt of baby wash to the water. This works to break up the lanolin and spread it around the water mixture (emulsify).

4. Mix. I use a stick mixer with a whisk attachment to mix the baby wash into the lanolin water.
5. Let cool. Once you are happy that the mix is emulsified you can either leave it to cool to tepid (body temperature) temperature or add ice cubes to bring the temperature down quickly.  A milky lanolin mixture provides a more even coverage of lanolin.

6. Remove wool soakers from washing water, if washed before hand.7. Add the lanolin mix to new bucket of water. Turn the cover inside out (you really should have done this already) and submerge in the bucket of new tepid water. Gradually pour in the lanolin mix and swish and flip cover/s as you go. Leave for at least 20 mins. You can leave for a couple hours or even overnight. Use the weight of jug to submerge the cover. Check the manufacturers recommendations for ‘soaking’ the covers. Some recommend NOT leaving overnight.
20140110_05208. Remove wool from water.In an empty sink gently press down to squeeze out excess water. Never wring or rub. DO not rinse the cover/s.9. Remove excess water from wool. Lay down two terry flats (or a towel folded in half). Lay the wool cover in the middle. Lay two more terry flats (or a second towel folded in half) so you get a wool cover sandwich. Roll and gently squeeze as you go. Unroll and remove the cover. Do each cover separately.
10. Dry wool. Dry flat in the shade.

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This method works for one wool cover. ”

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