Seedling Baby Comodo Wrap Product Review: Price reflects a quality wrap

seedling baby comodo wrap product review

We asked our community in the Cloth Nappy Doctor Chats Facebook Group to review the Seedling Baby range. Hannah took the time to review the Seedling Baby Commodo Wrap.

“I was given the opportunity to test out this wrap for free in exchange for an honest review. Over the past
3 weeks I have put it to the test during nap times and general day wear. My child is a heavy wetter and
floods his nappies.

On first look the wrap has a double pul layer at the front (water resistant fabric) , double leg gussets, soft
and stretchy back elastic, the inside can be wiped out and to top it off it has double snaps.

My 13.7 kg chunky boy is on the biggest size for rise setting out of the four but only the second snaps out
from the middle for waist and leg snaps.

I tested this wrap over an infant prefold pad folded with a booster under it as my first try . After 2 hours I
rechecked to find the prefold and booster pretty much soaked but the cover dry on the outside and the
gussets dry, so I gave it a wipe out and let it dry for a couple hours.

I was able to use it again that afternoon for a nap. This time a OSFM Bummis Dimple Diaper stuffed with a
bamboo trifold and booster. The wrap covered it no problems and I could have added some extra
boosting if needed. After the nap we had snack and play and I rechecked it would have been around 3.5
hrs and the nappy was soaked, but the double gussets saved me, the inner gusset was damp not really
soggy but damp. Thankfully the outer gusset was still dry and so were the pants.

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I have continued to test the wrap over various fitted nappies, prefolds and random insert/trifold combos.

I am yet to fault this wrap in anyway. From quick drying to easy use and all that’s in between.
A few combos it fitted well over and by far not the only ones are
 Bummis dimple diaper
 SHP medium heavy wetter sandman
 Infant and baby prefolds pad folded (my mans to chunky for snappy folds)
 Terry flats (batwing fold, jo fold, corner fold and prefold fold)
Baby beehinds night nappy

At $24.95 a wrap I was sceptical and often turned away from them as there are much cheaper covers/
wraps available but after being able to test this product and see what its like and how well it is made its
clear that the price reflects a quality wrap that is well worth spending on.”

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