Reusable Liners…What to use?

Reusable liners…What should I use?

Microfleece or polar fleece or Windpro fleece or microchamois or suedecloth.

It does not matter, really. Each are designed to keep moisture on one side or the other. They are not absorbent. There are different degrees of thickness and quality for each type of material.

The thicker and denser fabrics, like Windpro fleece or high quality polar fleece, are used as covers. These materials are not ideal as a reusable liners, as its harder for the liquid to pass through. This is what makes them great at repelling liquid back into a nappy as a cover.

Microfleece, microchamois, suedecloth or thinner polar fleece are designed as materials that wick material away from the skin.

How does it work?

It works by placing pressure on the fabric to ‘force’ the liquid through. The fabrics will repel liquid if there is no pressure. So if you use a higher quality polar fleece, its takes more pressure for the liquid to pass through, which little baby wees don’t have and may lead to leakage.

Here is an example where we have polar fleece (pink), microfleece (green) and recycled polyester (tan) liners with water that has been placed on them. As you can see, polar fleece and microfleece repel the liquid (last two pics on the bottom). The tan liner is designed to let water wick through quickly, but there were still a few water bubbles.

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Some kids have such big wees that come fast, that the stay dry fabric cant cope, so adding a microfibre insert UNDER the stay dry can help grab that moisture fast, preventing leakage.

When we apply pressure the liquid passes through easily. The water will also move to where water has already passed through, making the passage through easier. Please see this video below. We used a syringe lightly placed against the polar fleece fabric to show water passing through under slight pressure, similar to it next to baby’s skin.

So what should you use? Anything that you are happy with.

If you want something where liquid passes through very easily, but has that stay dry effect, then look at Kanga Care Microchamois, EpiBi Liners or Bummis recycled polyester liners.

If you are confident ensuring you have that nappy firmly against baby’s groin, then use microfleece or polar fleece.┬áMajority of polar fleece blankets, dressing gowns or jumpers sold at major retail stores are fine to use and cut up. They are usually lower quality, that is less thick and dense, and make fine reusable liners.

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